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Wherever I've been, there is the mother standing thoughtfully before her 'fridge' (whatever form that may be) pondering its' contents and planning the next meal lying therein. There is always the grandmother with a child nestled safely in her lap. The child gazing in rapt wonderment of the wrinkled wisdom and un-conditional love that surrounds it. Meanwhile there are always the old men gathered at the town gates or in the central squares.


Their aged, shrunken heads with enlarged ears and noses, their watchful, beady eyes and knarled, cigarette stained hands at first give the impression of idle gossip and speculation. Yet, really is the execution of an all important task. The duty of keeping track of the comings and goings and everything in between. The townsmen standing guard, protecting their women and children and trying to stay useful.

These are some of the re-occurring images that have guided my brushes over endless metres of canvas, board and clay. I keep my images simple and the message bold in order to speak to the average person. I try to reach the audience who may never have the opportunity to experience the cultures and the people who have shared glimpses of their lives with me. My message is quite simply....'Recognising sameness can be the beginning of acceptance.'

Donna Morrison - Ph: 250-552-0090 or e-mail: Donna